Category: Strategic Planning

Challenge: Newly formed 501c3 for drug prevention had a huge vision but little structure or format.  Everyone had a different idea of what was being done and why.  The challenge – to adequately display the scope and purpose of the foundation, and help build the way forward so the vision could be built and the corporation could thrive.

Solution:  Working with the founder, created an architectural roadmap to show the “big picture”.  Each roadmap item received its own breakdown for purpose, marketing information, and way forward.  Incorporated information into business plan and assisted with crafting the way ahead for the future.  Assisted in bylaw development, training staff for financial reporting, and sponsorship documents.

Deliverables: Architectural Roadmap – Boardroom format, PowerPoint Format; Phase 1 Roadmap – PowerPoint Format; SWOT Analysis; Strategic Analysis of Demographic Data; Budget Planning Documentation & Training; Business Plan; Interim WordPress website; Volunteer Workflows and Processes; Mentor & Event Workflows; Community Engagement Models.  PowerPoint Presentation format for new facility development briefing.