Putting Fun Back into Business!

So people ask us all the time, how does that fun, bright, childlike logo relate to Business Planning Services?  Our philosophies at Ignite are:

  • Pouring into People:  We focus on developing the people around us, pouring into them, building them up and helping them shift to a better place.  People matter.  The way they think, laugh, love - even in business, people matter.  Our logo was designed by Kyle, our intern.  Kyle also happens to be autistic, and he leads us to our next core philosophy.
  • Looking at the World in a Different Way:  Fresh eyes bring new insight into every situation.  We strive to think outside the box, or even think that if the box was assembled incorrectly, we might think we're outside, when we're actually inside.  N'est pas?  When given the task to design the logo, Kyle went with things that blew up - except for the "e" in Ignite.... that's a hose in case the fire gets too hot.
  • Breaking the Mold is Okay: Anyone who has worked in technology can tell you there are at least a dozen ways to get to the same answer when you're solving a problem.  Doing things differently is alright, if you are netting the same end result or better.  We don't always follow the same path to get places, but if the answer is the same, it's okay to use a different way.  New discoveries are not made if you don't break a few rules and change a few things up.
  • Life is Better When You Laugh:  We only have a short time on this planet.  If you get all hung up on being stressed out, stop enjoying life and are always worried, what's the point?  We focus on having fun, playing games, solving puzzles, laughing with one another and breathing.  Breathing is really important.  When you laugh, you breathe deep.  That's important too.
  • Surround Yourself With Greatness:  Smart people, wise people, loving people, they all press us to be our best.  We focus on surrounding ourselves with business partners, friends and family who push us to become our best.

Our philosophies lead to our Why....

We do what we do so that we can pour into people - we strive to build strong community leaders, through teaching strength, overcoming obstacles, and developing economic wellness in local businesses.   This wellness will pour forth into our communities, our state and our country.  




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