Ignite Business Planning Services LLC is a woman-owned, small business in Barrington, NH.  We believe in one-to-one customer service, with a focus on challenge-solving for small to mid-size businesses in the United States.  We provide tangible, practical, common-sense solutions to business challenges - while teaching business skills, big picture thinking and strategy.  Having fun in our business is important - but so is being professional.  Our entire organization is designed around a mentoring approach - teaching and building up one another, transferring skills and developing reproducible processes along the way. We currently have 2 primary business partners and 2 employees, each with a unique skill set.

Kat Roedell - Owner and Chief Executive Mentor:  Kat has worked in the public sector as an Enterprise Architect, in the private sector as a Sr. Business Solutions Provider and is currently structuring business models and road-maps in the "people helping people" sector as a Strategic Planner and Business mentor for the Freeman House and CORE Partnership.  Kat is an enterprise architect/business analyst with a creative side, loves to break down problems into logical solutions and teach people creative ways to run their businesses. Kat's passion is building strong businesses through leadership, helping and building up others.


Kyle Reinholz:  Kyle brings some fun into the business.  He is an intern, being trained in graphic design and web design.  Kyle's passion is learning how to make videos, voice acting and cartooning.



We are in strategic alliances with Stephanie Brinley of Flightless and Marcia King of SimpleMSolutions.

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