Presence – Purpose – Passion, we all want our businesses to explode in a good way; in job well done, in great contacts, and yes, even in wealth.  After many years of working for other people, and working for ourselves, we at Ignite Business Planning Services understand the ins and outs of business.  We understand sometimes it’s the small stuff that trips us up.  We understand that sometimes you just need another pair of eyes and some solid advice; and other times you need someone to break it down, plan it out and lead the project.

We develop a relationship with our clients, looking beyond the immediate need into the eventual growth and helping them develop the infrastructure that they need, so when the growth comes they don’t implode.  You can run a good business, a profitable business, out of your pocket given enough contacts and skill.  But, a great business, that requires processes, people, systems, redundancies and risk management in proper proportion, so that as your business grows things don’t fall through the cracks.  When these things are in balance, business becomes fun again.

So how do we do that?  We work in the following areas:

Strategic/Business Planning: With solid Business Analysis Techniques, Meeting Facilitation, and Enterprise Architecture skills we help develop Business Plans, Road Maps, Process and Procedure Manuals, Workflows, Business Strategies, and Forecasts.

Business Presence: With creative vision and a gift of words, our Branding and Marketing work in logo design, standard business documentation, rack cards, tri-folds, websites and marketing content all provide your business with a consistent look, feel and voice.  Case Study: Branding a Group

Information Technology: Again with the Enterprise Architecture 🙂  Software Design, Software Assessment, Database Design, Data Warehouse Design, Requirements Analysis and Project Management.  We are your software geeks – we understand that you need your data to work for you, not the other way around. Case Study: We Need to Talk

In summary, our Strategic/Business Planning gives you what you’re going to talk about and how you do it, Business Presence is the words you say and how you show it, and Information Technology tracks and predicts the results of the other two.