One of the most difficult things about direct sales is staying focused and accountable! Our Blazing Sales Game is a great way for sales people to maintain focus and increase their results!  The Team Version is a customizable version of our game, geared to increasing productivity and having a bit of friendly competition.

If you wish to participate in the game, please complete the registration form below, and then purchase your pack.  Pricing is based on a 6 month commitment, and you will be billed monthly.  If you wish to prepay for all 6 months, please contact Kat Roedell at or 603-657-0259




Blazing Sales - Team Version

Are you a sales leader with a team in need of motivation?  Work with our seasoned sales mentors to light your team volume up! Our team version has brought increases in sales and recruiting!

Team Version (15 Team Members or Less) Includes:

Game Packs for All Team Members
Customized Goal Setting Session with Mentor
Mindset and Motivation Training for Sales Leader
Weekly - 1hr Team Motivation and Accountability Sessions
Mindset and Motivation Assessments for All Team Members

$1500 Monthly
(6 Month Plan)

Blazing Sales - Sales Forge System

Every business runs a little differently - but sometimes your sales team needs a bit of friendly competition to meet the annual goals!  With the Sales Forge System we blend a bit of strategic planning, assessment, accountability and game play together to develop that unique recipe that works with your staff to meet your corporation's needs! 

Up to 6 Players per Unit - 600 per Month!


Please contact Kat Roedell at to schedule your Team Starter Session - which includes Goal Setting and Team Assessment.