Amazingly enough, those four words evoke a powerful, instant, image of a red stained wall with pasta dripping down and falling off.  Why would you throw spaghetti against a wall?  It just makes a big mess.

Yet, I have seen multiple times businesses that do just that in complex situations.  They throw time, money and resources at a problem, trying to “solve” it, without doing any basic analysis, or creating a plan.

The problem with this is sometimes you may arrive at a temporary solution without actually knowing what the real solution is, then you continue to attack all other issues in the same way – because it “worked” the last time.  With this method, sometimes you win, sometimes you lose, but you never know why, and it is always wasteful.

Basic analysis, however, getting to the root cause of a problem, allows you to craft more effective solutions.  These result in more productive responses, which ultimately leads to success.  Success, small or large, is a foundation for growth – and systematic, logical success builds a foundation for confidence, reliability, and future growth.

Walls painted with spaghetti will ultimately rot.  Who wants a rotten business?

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PBR #9 – Spaghetti Against the Wall